Why Sixred?

Why Sixred is the best path as an Advisor and Partner to help grow and streamline your Business.

You are growing and need new software to enable your business to scale. But selecting the right software for your business is a critical yet difficult decision. Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, many fast growth leaders have found buying NetSuite a compelling choice. NetSuite supports the requirements of a wide variety of businesses including software, media, manufacturers, retailers and distributors. With over 30K customers, all running the latest version of NetSuite, it appears many times to be the only real choice once you have cut through all the PDF’s and Marketing Claims.

Sixred-NetSuite team is the best option to purchase NetSuite from and here is why:

1. When you buy NetSuite from the Sixred – NetSuite team, your license cost, discounts, terms are the same as with purchasing directly!
  • Sixred being a Global, Top 5 Solution Provider/Partner of NetSuite, you also receive expert advisory services (assistance, consultation, negotiation) for your business.
  • You, the customer, have the best of both worlds – Direct Vendor Relationship with an Advisory Account Management and Consulting Representation and Partnership to assist with growth!
  • You receive the same discounts from NetSuite Direct and from the Sixred NetSuite team!
  • Your license and subscription contract is still with NetSuite, but negotiated with the Sixred-NetSuiteteam, which represents you. We have been through this process numerous times and thus know exactly how to lookout for your best interests.
  • It is important to remember that Sixred is not a reseller as with Microsoft or Intacct. Sixred is a partner that provides value-added account management, support and development services. This process is different from that with other ERP vendors.
2.Sixred takes the Consultative Approach
  • With Sixred, you only buy what you need, and only when you are ready.
  • We do not utilize the sales (hunter) model of other enterprise SAAS software companies; we focus on customer service rather than the need to meet a given sales quota for the month before moving on to the next opportunity.
  • The Sixred goal is for you to be a lifelong, happy customer with Sixred and NetSuite. We are only successful if you are successful.
  • Our functional experts assess your exact needs and provide consultation about the desirable solutions for you.
3.Sixred’s knowledge and experience is difficult to match
  • Sixred is a Top 5 NetSuite Global Partner providing solutions to hundreds of NetSuite customers since 2006.
4.Sixred’s proven Agile implementation methodology
  • We provide you with the fastest path to Go Live, with our established Success with the Sixred Iterative Methodology.
5.Sixred Implementation through Support – Process and Success

    We manage your account, advise and help you work through the world of NetSuite today and into the future.

  • You will have a much smoother and more consistent experience from Implementation through Support with our team of experts who learn your business and remain engaged for the long term, from implementation through support through lifecycles.
  • Sixred is an extension of the NetSuite team. We manage your account, advise and help you work through the world of NetSuite today and into the future.
6.Sixred Consultants are Cross-functional experts

    Sixred consultants are cross-trained enabling faster and better consulting services

  • Sixred consultants are cross-trained experts for ERP, CRM, and SuiteCommerce and part of integrated teams.
  • Because of this, Sixred customers have Faster Go Live and Value with reduced costs due to the shortened cycles.
7.Sixred helps you to generate new revenue streams

    Sixred is a Premier SuiteCommerce Developer and Implementation Expert.

  • B2B and B2C e-commerce is enabling new revenue streams for fast-growing businesses across every industry.
  • Sixred is uniquely qualified to help you get ahead of your competitors by tying your website to your NetSuite backend.
  • This results in an efficient lead-to-cash process without human involvement with increased revenue!
8.Sixred is a Top NetSuite Developer: Customizations/Apps/Integrations

    Sixred has 10 years of NetSuite customizations and integrations experience.

  • Although NetSuite supports out-of-the-box functionality to run your business, Sixred has experts who can adapt the Suite to meet your specific and unique business requirements, accounting for changes in them over time.
  • We have a diverse group of technologists and consultants with backgrounds in many different industries. Each individual on our team brings real-world experience to solution design and problem solving that will help you achieve your goals on the NetSuite platform.
9.SuiteApp and Third-party solutions to grow and scale your NetSuite solution

    Interested in expanding your use of the NetSuite platform?

  • Leverage our experience with third-party NetSuite software vendors when extending NetSuite’s native capabilities. Our in-depth knowledge and first-hand use of these applications guarantee that you will be pointed toward the solution that best addresses your needs.
  • Sixred will manage this process for you, ensuring that it is done correctly and on time.
  • Sixred is a Top Global Partner of NetSuite! But you don’t have to take our word for it – Let our customers tell you how we helped to improve their business
10.  Sixred is a Top Global Netsuite Partner.

    Leverage the benefit of our hand in glove relationship with Netsuite.

  • More than 100 customers have benefited from us. But you do not have to take our word for it. Let our customers tell you how we helped to improve their business.
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Case Studies

Ecommerce – Inventory Management - Global – Multi-Company


Replace a non-seamless ecommerce front end (Magento) to the NetSuite back end in order to create a true omni-channel solution to increase sales, streamline inventory and process, and improve the overall customer experience!

SuiteCommerce – Inventory Management – ERP – CRM – Order Management


Replaced multiple websites to a true omni-channel solution to increase sales, improve efficiency and to do more with less!