Warehouse Management Software for Small Business


Lean operations is the goal of modern-day warehouses. This means managing inventory, operations, distribution and cost with efficiency. NetSuite manages all these different aspects of a warehouse on a single platform and makes it lean.

Key Benefits

Reduce Multiple Errors
Reduces handling in receiving and putting away with step-by-step directions on RF/mobile handheld. This improves accuracy in storage placement.
Tracking Software
Tracks patterns of inventory in terms of demand and supply, also for FIFO, LIFO and expiry dates. This enables easy replenishment and quick inventory moves.
Accurate Picking
Increases accuracy in picking, packing and shipping with Wave Selection and Release. This helps in easy management of work orders and kits.
WMS Dashboard
WMS dashboard helps monitor real-time activities; inbound, outbound and labor. This minimizes total cost of operation or ownership (TCO).
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