Order Management


Order fulfillment is a core competitive advantage that differentiates a company from its competitors in the long run, and endears it to its customers. A good e-commerce solution integrates your commerce system with order management and financials, apart from delivering a great omni-channel experience to shoppers to buy, fulfill and return.

Key Benefits

Real Time Visibility to Global Inventory
Provides real-time visibility to global inventory and to order management processes for easy configuration as per requirements along the way.
Order Life Cycle
Ensures consistent order management across channels and at every step in the order life cycle, with flexible order fulfillment options and auto-ship programs, to empower customers.
Enables Visibility
Enables complete visibility into customer profiles, orders with multiple touch points so that employees can deliver optimum service to the customers.
Customizable Report
Provides customizable order management solutions that can be changed along the way, integrated with SaaS and maintained easily as per requirements, reducing cost of managing the system.
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