Marketing Automation for Small Business


The role of marketing has evolved to enable sales and to drive brand positioning. With terabytes of data to sift through every minute, it is quite impossible to drive marketing with out automating its many components. An integrated approach to marketing is enabled by deep automation techniques that provide customers with a 1:1 personalized pitch.

Key Benefits

Sales Cycle
Enables targeted campaigns through email, events, web site and social media. This shortens the sales cycle.
Sales Prediction On Time
Enables marketing to direct leads to sales depending on their readiness. This makes sales predictable.
Automates Entire Marketing Process
Automates the entire marketing process to align campaigns with sales goals. This improves collaboration between both teams by increasing visibility into each other’s processes.
Realtime Visibility into ROI
Real-time visibility into ROI on campaigns through analytics. These insights help further marketing goals and campaigns.
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