Adaptive Discovery


Adaptive Discovery is a highly efficient cloud-based visual analytics application intended not just for IT personnel but also finance and operations managers and executives. The ease of use of this software facilitates effortless drilling down across data in multiple dimensions with the help of trend lines and other analytical views. User-friendly, flexible and completely scalable features enable complete deployment of the analytics and deep data for future strategy decisions.

Key Benefits

Secured Accounts
Empower your finance and operations teams to create, modify, and share dashboards effortlessly amongst each other. Moreover, these dashboards can be delivered to users across locations, regardless of the device they use, keeping everyone in the loop.
Predictive Analysis
Analyze, report and compare averages, standard deviation, linear regressions, trends, control charts, and so on. Drill down the data and derive predictive analyses.
Choice of Working
Provides choice of working with data as per the speed of the business user through “sandboxes” while keeping the master BI unaffected. This networked BI increases the pace of work.
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