Financial Health Check


The Financial Health Check is the gateway to identify finance and accounting performance opportunities with calculated expertise. It provides the foundation to make sense of the numbers for dashboard style analysis and monthly briefings as well as mentoring the group lead in India to look out for the owner's interest. In addition, the Financial Health Check provides first-hand experience to know what it's like to work with a Foresight CFO who compliments your expertise.

Key Benefits

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Gain Clarity About Growth Options and Become Increasingly Informed about Month-to-Month Performance
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Accelerate Profit - determine what it takes to be in the top percentile of your industry and calculate the financial benefit to your business
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Increase Business Valuation – learn how to increase the value of your business through eight business drivers, prior year trend analysis and “what-if” forecast
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Achieve Positive Cash Flow – identify options to become cash positive or more cash positive to resolve periods of shortage
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Resolve Finance and Accounting Operations Issues
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