SkyDoc leverages the power of Amazon cloud storage to expand NetSuite's storage capabilities. SkyDoc connects into Amazon cloud from NetSuite using APIs in both applications. This helps users leverage NetSuite for business process automation, and Amazon for inexpensive data storage. NetSuite users can view, upload, download and delete files seamlessly from NetSuite.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible and Scalable Storage
  • Upload Larger files
  • Cloud Storage solution
  • Ability to migrate from other storage systems
  • Additional Layer of security based on roles
  • Google encryption for files


Ease of Use: SkyDoc allows single-click uploads and downloads through the seamlessly integrated tab on NetSuite records. The easy to use interface also allows users to drag and drop files to be uploaded. All documents related to a record are presented in one tab.

Unlimited Storage: There is no storage limits with SkyDoc. NetSuite users do not have to worry about the storage size with an easy expandable and shrinkable Amazon storage capabilities. Users pay for only what they use.

Upload multiple files: SkyDoc allows you to upload multiple files at once. Users don't have to select one file at a time to upload into Netsuite. Intuitive UI help users get accustomed to the app with no additional training.

Cost Effective: Amazon provides unlimited storage at a very cost effect price. This helps customer to add all documents on the transaction and have NetSuite as system of record for all transactions and documents.

File Preview: SkyDoc users can also preview the files uploaded with out downloading them. Files are rendered from Amazon to Netsuite and user can select the files to work with. This helps users from uploading same file multiple times.

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