Over 1400 companies trust Bronto for success in ecommerce via targeted email, social media and mobile campaigns. Bronto’s marketing platform provides data-driven digital marketing ideas that are relevant and well-timed, enhancing customer engagement from end to end of the purchase lifecycle and generates more returns on investment. Bronto has topped the list of email marketing providers for ecommerce businesses three years in a row. It has ingenious solutions for post-purchase promotions and cart abandonment, among others; along with its strong e-commerce integration capabilities, this makes Bronto a sought-after platform for driving sophisticated cross-channel marketing campaigns. Though rich in features, it is easy to use, and delivers results in less time, with fewer resources.

Key Benefits

Seamless Automation
Seamless Automation: Create easy-to-use campaign workflows with a combination of cross-channel customer behaviors and business formulas.
Social Media Adaptability
Advanced Segmentation:Accurately segment customer base for up-selling/cross-selling.
Order Import
A/B Split Testing: Select the most effective campaign.
Cart Recovery
Cart Recovery: Track, identify and analyze abandoned carts.
Contacts/List Management: Construct a master database for current and future business.
Responsive Design
Customer RFM Metrics: Achieve more efficient targeting by knowing customer RFM (Recency, Frequency, Money) metrics.
Integrations:Tie up seamless with e-commerce applications and back-end systems.
Mobile Capabilities
Mobile Capabilities: Include mobile commerce for better outreach to customers.
Order Import: Import customer information from other data sources for better targeting.
Cross Sell/Up Sell Offers
Promotional Messages: Send personalized messages to customers with cross-sell/up-sell offers.
Responsive Design: Select from a range of templates to adapt to different device screens.
Social Media Adaptability: Utilize social media for higher ecommerce benefits.
Tracking & Reporting:Accurately analyze customer buying behavior with precise data from tracking and reporting.
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