Avalara integrates with more than 85 accounting software products including POS (Point-of-sale) applications, mCommerce and eCommerce to help businesses of all sizes in automating their tax processes.

Key Benefits

Tax Calculation Accurately
Businesses can calculate tax accurately and in real time across 10,000 jurisdictions.
Easy Tracking Access
Saves sales tax exemption certificates and reseller certificates in the cloud, allowing for easy tracking.
Automates tax filing processes and collections while making the businesses IRS compliant.
Generates W-8 and W-9 forms on vendor addition. Also creates 1099 forms when required.
Large Database of UPC's
Has the world’s largest database of UPC’s (Universal Product Codes), which it uses to provide product sales taxability.
Generates Signature-ready fuel tax returns from fuel transaction data, suppliers, fleets, retailers and enabling distributors.
Automates tax solutions for vacation rental homeowners with MyLodgeTax.
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