Adaptive insights software for corporate performance management

Corporate Performance Management software from Adaptive Insights helps businesses gain valuable insights into their performance metrics to enable them to take informed decisions for developing executable strategies for growth and success. Also known as Enterprise Performance Management software, Adaptive Insights’ repertoire includes Adaptive Planning, Adaptive Reporting, Adaptive Discovery, Adaptive Consolidation, Adaptive Integration, and the all-inclusive Adaptive Suite.

It’s no wonder that over 2,700 enterprises in 85 countries across the globe use Adaptive Insights for effective corporate performance management. Its users range from small and medium businesses to large corporations such as Philips and Siemens.

These enterprises are from a variety of industries such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, education, energy, financial services, insurance, etc. Adaptive Insights helps businesses of all sizes plan, report, and analyze better.

Its customers range from the units and divisions of large enterprises to fast-growing midsize companies and multinational corporations. It provides corporate performance management solutions for a wide range of needs: Workforce Management, Revenue Management, Profitability Analysis, Financial Close, Capital Management, Balance Sheet, Expense Management.

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