NetSuite for Retail Organizations

Industry Trends

Retail isn't just about shopping anymore, it is about an experience. Physical stores need to be connected to provide this seamless experience across multiple platforms at all times, anywhere on the globe. This requires a tremendous amount of coordination between marketing, sales, supply chain and operations to provide a unified shopping solution.

Our Offering

B2B Commerce
We personalize the shopping experience for the consumer by enabling you to imagine and create that experience from in-store to online with our robust platform.
B2B Commerce
We enable you to tap them at various touch points through email, social, mobile, e-commerce etc. and provide personalized marketing communication and loyalty incentives.
B2B Commerce
Our platform equips sales personnel, operations and associates to have a 360-degree view of the consumers and the products so that you always connect with the right consumer with specific offers to create a loyal consumer base.
B2B Commerce
We connect back-end operations with CRM so that you can deploy apps to connect employees and consumers, thus always staying ahead of the change.

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