NetSuite for Healthcare Industry

Industry Trends

The Internet of Things has revolutionized health care allowing patients to have direct access to monitoring and maintaining their health with the help of devices. This changes the role of health care providers who now have to provide better personalized care at lower costs with more accountability.

Our Offering

Build Relationships with Data
We help build relationships with patients with access to patient data, processes, devices and conversations on a single platform.
Customised Report
We personalize healthcare of each patient by customizing their health needs, follow ups and communication by sending appropriate messages across devices at pertinent times.
Streamline Processes
We make communication possible between patients, members and healthcare providers across channels including social media channels and mobiles.
Mutiple Administration on a Single Platform
We make healthcare efficient and effective by connecting all systems – external monitors, EMR, blood banks and other devices to care providers and administration on a single platform. This provides a real-time view of the status of all at a given time, enabling faster service at cheaper costs.
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