Sixred Industries

Sixred brings you effective and economical cloud-based solutions for your industry needs. Rather than offer a one-size-fits-all service, we create customized responses for your problems, armed with complete domain expertise of your particular industry. With deep industry knowledge, as well as experience in deploying and implementing our unique solutions, we ensure delivery of not just efficient results but complete satisfaction to our clients in various industries across the board.


It’s all about the data in the e-commerce industry; data to learn, data for information, data for informed decision making, data in real-time.

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Retail isn't just about shopping anymore, it is about an experience.

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Time to market has quickly become the most sought after metric for software companies.

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Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale Distribution

Right in the middle of the supply chain cycle is the distribution of wholesale products to retailers.

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Media Ad Tech

The media and Ad Tech industries are changing rapidly with the ever-connected consumer.

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NetSuite Ecommerce


The manufacturing industry is changing dramatically and companies need to integrate sales, service and operations to stay relevant in a commoditizing market.

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Health Care

The Internet of Things has revolutionized health care allowing patients to have direct access to monitoring and maintaining their health to devices.

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Life Sciences

The Life Sciences industry is faced with producing breakthrough therapies and devices while keeping track of global regulations and staying compliant.

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The hospitality industry has undergone a complete transformation with the constantly aware customer.

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Professional Services

Professional services today are expected to be more accountable to the progress of their clients' business.

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